Diagnostic genetic testing

Uncover any inherited disease through our diagnostic genetic testing.

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All our genetic testing are CLIA and CAP certified and meets international healthcare standards and guidelines.


Genetic testing for hereditary Cardiovascular diseases can help you understand your future risks, confirm diagnosis and informed healthcare managment.


Neurological diseases are difficult to identify, diagnose and treat. But Genetic testing can help identify all those neurological conditions and help patients get available treatment.

Rare diseases

Arround 8000 Rare diseases affects millions of people wordlwide, yet many are hard to diagnose and even most are without any available treatment. Genetic testing can provide a diagnosis, identify effective treatments.

Pediatric diseases

Early and informed diagnosis of pediatric diseases through genetic testing can make a life-changing difference.

Not just testing-
Expert geneticist support

Genetics experts are available to guide you through the testing process, help you make sense of your results, and plan a path forward. You don’t have to figure it out alone. We’re here to support you every step of the way.


Genetic testing can change the way you live.

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