Pediatric Genetic Testing

Newborn genetic testing

Congenital heart defects

Developmental disorders

Pediatric Endocrinology

Why pediatric genetic testing?

Newborn screening is highly effective in diagnosing any underlying conditions if patient is suspected of any metabolic disorder, having Complex, overlapping symptoms with broad differential diagnosis, Symptoms related to neurological conditions of unknown etiology, Overlapping symptoms with varying age of onset and severity and abnormal initial blood test results.

If you have questions? AGCT CLINIC Clinical Consult team is available on-demand to discuss individual cases, including whether Newborn screening might be appropriate for the patient.

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Benefits of genetic testing

For children born with a genetic health condition, an early diagnosis can make all the difference. Genetic testing is a critical step in ensuring your child receives the best treatment and care.

Genetic testing could be helpfull to:


Epilepsy, Seizures & Developmental brain disorders

Overgrowth Syndromes

Eye Disorders

Skeletal Disorders

Skin Disorders

Rasopathies (Noonan Spectrum Disorders)

Pediatric Oncology

Affordable pricing

We are committed to decrease down the cost of genetic testing to make it accessible for everyone.


We are in-network with most insurance providers: over 20 million individuals in the Pakistan have the option to pay with insurance.


Don’t have insurance? No problem. Pay just 50% for most tests and rest in installments.

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Get Pre-test Consultation

The information obtained from genetic testing can have a profound impact on your life. Prior to any genetic testing, we strongly recommend that you seek genetic counseling to understand more about which of the following options might be beneficial for you and your family members. Genetic counseling is also recommended to help you understand your genetic test results and their implications for other family members.

AGCT CLINIC provide its patients with personalized genetic counseling and complete health care and support throughout the treatment.