Proactive Genetic Testing for young adults who want to get look of what their genetics says about their health and focus on early prevention.

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Comprehensive Genetic Insights for You & Your Family

Proactive genetic testing is bit different than the diagnostic genetic testing. It offers the healthy adults an opportunity to know thier health better than ever before. AGCT Proactive Genetic testing offers three testing options that analyze up to 147 genes that are well-established indicators of a significantly increased risk of developing hereditary cancers, cardiovascular conditions, and other medically important disorders.

All Our diagnostic genetic testing are performed in a CLIA- and CAP-certified laboratory and reviewed by our team of Ph.D. scientists, lab directors, and board-certified genetic counselors.

Is proactive genetic testing right for you?

AGCT GENOMICS Proactive genetic testing is highly recommended and effective for young adults with no personal or family history of genetic diseases i.e. Cancer, Cardiovascular.

For instance if you are feeling difficulty in choosing which genetic testing is better for you or not? You can always contact our Genetic Counselors at AGCT Clinic.

If you have questions? AGCT CLINIC Clinical Consult team is available on-demand to discuss individual cases, including whether proactive testing might be appropriate for your patient.

Recent Research has found that 16.1% of healthy adults carry a serious health-related risk.

7.2% of Positive results were significant in well-known cardiovascular and cancer risk genes.

And 8.9% of Positive results were significant in other medically important disorders with higher population incidence.

How it works?

Due to potential health risks AGCT GENOMICS Proactive Genetic Testing should be ordered through your doctor or through AGCT Clinic.

Place an Order for AGCT GENOMICS Proactive Genetic Testing through your doctor or through AGCT Clinic.

You can even track your results through AGCT SMS tracking service.

Request a sample collection collect from AGCT GENOMICS for sending samples to our DNA Laboratory.

You will receive an email notification once we receive the specimen and another when the results are ready, typically 10 to 21 days, on average, after the sample is received.

If you or your patient have questions about the results, AGCT Clinic offers clinical support services at no additional charge.

Get Pre-test Consultation

The information obtained from genetic testing can have a profound impact on your life. Prior to any genetic testing, we strongly recommend that you seek genetic counseling to understand more about which of the following options might be beneficial for you and your family members. Genetic counseling is also recommended to help you understand your genetic test results and their implications for other family members.

AGCT CLINIC provide its patients with personalized genetic counseling and complete health care and support throughout the treatment.
Genetic testing can change the way you live.

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